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413 Granite Pony Breastcollar Harness

A pony breastcollar harness that is built to last and will work great for every day use or for pleasure cart use.
•Made from black Granite webbing.
•All stainless steel hardware.
•Included are 3/4" Beta lines.
•A low maintenance harness that you can clean with soap & water or pressure wash.
•May not be exactly has shown.

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Product Variations

413-BC Granite Pony Breastcollar Harness $534.48 ST

Product Equipment

Standard Equipment

413-10 413 Breastcollar  $53.47  EA 
413-12 413 Back Band  $90.98  EA 
413-13 413 Neck Strap  $12.33  EA 
413-15 413 Shaft Loop  $13.53  EA 
413-16 413 Belly Band  $26.30  EA 
17GP 413/469 Granite Pony Crooper  $29.26  EA 
19GP 5/8" Granite Pony Hip Strap  $11.32  EA 
24VP 3/4"x11 FT Beta Pony Single Lines  $42.54  ST 
30GP Pony Granite Buggy Breeching Seat  $39.54  EA 
413-34 413 Back Holds  $20.04  PR 
38GP Gran.Pony Driving Sidecheck Bridle  $161.59  EA 

Optional Equipment

113GP 413 Crooper W/Buckle Dock  $45.50  EA 
61GP 413 Overcheck Bridle  $142.62  EA 
413-133 413 Breastcollar W/4L Buckle  $56.50  EA 
413-134 413 Hame Style Traces  $42.59  PR 
413-134C 413 Hame Trace W/Clip  $57.79  PR 

All Prices in Canadian Dollars. Prices subject to change without notice.