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Canada’s Little Iron Horse -Le Cheval Canadien

This little known heritage horse breed of Canada is a sturdy, all purpose horse descended from some of King Louis the XIV’s best horses, sent to the colony of New France (now Quebec) in the late 1600’s. They evolved into the “Canadian Horse”, a breed that is now genetically distinct from other breeds. The Canadian Horse survived hard conditions, sparse food, and severe weather to become the easy keeping, and exceptionally strong animals that they are today. These traits have earned the Canadian the nickname “The Little Iron Horse”. These Canadian Horses were the first to clear, plough, and cultivate Canadian soil. In 1895 the Canadian Horse Breeders Association was formed to try to preserve what remained of the “Little Iron Horse breed”. In 1913 The Canadian government set up a breeding program at Cap Rouge, Quebec. There were other breeding programs set up in Quebec at St. Joachim and La Gorgendiere that continued to breed Canadian horses until 1981. The breed is slowly gaining popularity and now, with the help of dedicated breeders, there are over 6000 registered Canadians. The Canadian Horse has played an invaluable part in the foundation of this country. On April 30, 2002, a bill was passed into law by the Canadian Government making the Canadian Horse an official symbol of Canada. In this production you will see the versatility of the Canadian Horse at work on the farm and being ridden under saddle. The film will provide in depth insight on how to train Canadian Horses to harness and saddle. Experienced horsemen and women share their wealth of knowledge of working with Le Cheval Canadiens.
•DVD 85 minutes

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3101 Canada's Little Iron Horse DVD $29.95 EA

All Prices in Canadian Dollars. Prices subject to change without notice.