Send us your dies and we will quickly and professionally do your die cutting with either your own or our material. We also can supply quality custom-made dies. Send in your pattern for a quote.

Strap Cutting

We can cut-up into strips a wide range of materials to your specifications from 1/2" to 2" widths.

Beveling & Dying

This high speed beveler will quickly and professionally edge your leather strapping on all four corners.

We can also dye your leather straps or patterns.

Thermo Knife Cutting & Punching

Send in your webbing or nylon rope or purchase our material and we will cut it to any length required. Cut ends are heat sealed, to prevent fraying of material.

Our thermo equipment produces very clean heat sealed holes and shaped ends. 3/32", 1/8" 3/16" holes at 1/2" to 6" apart.

RF Welding (Radio Frequency)

This is a new method of bonding biothane together. A clean job with no thread to wear off or frustrated sewing on your part.


We have sewing machines to do custom sewing on a wide range of materials, from lightweight fabric to the heaviest leather. Parts or complete items made. We also have available computerized sewing machines which can do a wide variety of different designs on all sorts of material.

Why choose Aaron Martin Harness?

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