Sole/Shoeing Leather

These sole bends are cut from the best portion of the hide and tanned for extra firmness and durability. Ideal for horseshoe pads and shoe soles. Sold by the pound.

White Strap Leather

Shiny white finished leather with pigmented finish. Used for show halters, bridles ect. Sold per square foot.

Wrap Leather

A soft, stretchy leather. Ideal for rolling pads, seats, belly band ect. Sold by the square foot.

Siede Splits

This soft suede can be used for chaps, saddle seating, pouches etc. Buckskin and dark brown is stocked but many colors available. Sold per square foot.

Russet Harness Leather

A hot stuffed firm yet flexible light colored leather. Ideal for harness reins, headstalls and dog supplies. Sold per pc.

Patend Chrome Tan Leather

A heavy finished chrome tanned leather with high gloss finish. For use on show harness ect. Sold by the square ft.

Bridle Leather

A well liked strong veg tanned leather, waxy finish on both sides, ideal for lines and English ,Western tack. Comes in Black, English Tan and Havana. Backs only. Sold by the square ft. Other colors available.

Harness Leather

This is a good quality drum dyed leather, firm yet pliable, very easy to work with, a smooth waxy black finish, comes in backs, priced per pound. ***Buy 3 backs of one weight for a lower price***

Latigo Leatther

A strong chrome veg retanned leather with a nice top finish. We stock black and burgundy. Sold by the square ft.

Skirting Sides

This heavy duty skirting leather has superior strength. Tools and molds well Stocked in natural but golden and chestnut are available. Sold per pc. Also available in 11/13.

Strap Leather

Very versatile, firm yet flexible leather has many uses. Ideal for body bells, bags, pouches ect. Sold per square foot.

Grey Apron Splits

Quality chrome tanned apron splits are soft, durable and consistent in weight Grey in color. Sold per square foot.