Pearson Sewing Machine Parts  

Electric Bobbin Winder

Just what you have been waiting for,a fast and easy way to fill your pearson bobbins. CSA approved. 3 foot cord to plug in a 115 volt receptacle

Bobbin Spring W/Rivets

This is a replacement spring for the shuttle to hold bobbin back.Comes with rivets.

Top Needle Quide Plate

Top needle guide plate for pearson.

Edge Guide For Pearson Machine

It's here an edge guide so versatile yet so completely out of the way when turning work around or when not in use. Just flip it up or down as needed. Heavy duty.

Pearson Shuttle

Finally we now make and stock the shuttle that was so hard to find before. Tested and hardened to last. Has same smooth shape as the original.

Pearson Bobbin Winder

Hand cranking bobbin winder

Roller Cam

Long Stem roller Cam For Shuttle Arm (For Pearson Machines)

Short Roller Cam

Short Stem Roller Cam Follower For Needle Bar Arm

Bottom Thread Tension Plate

Bottom thread tension plate (For Pearson sewing machine)

Top Thread Tension Plate W/Screw

Top thread tension plate w/screw (For Pearson sewing machine)

Shuttle Cover Spring W/Screw

Shuttle cover spring w/screw (For Pearson sewing machine)

Bottom Thread Lock Plate

Bottom thread lock plate (For Pearson sewing machine)

Top Thread Lock Plate

Top thread lock plate (For Pearson sewing machine)

Pearson And Landis Sewing Machine Needles

Well they are back! Schmetz has made the 331LR needles again. We no longer have #250 & #280. These needles work in the The British United Shoe Machine or Pearson #6 and Landis 1. Come in packages of 10 but can be bought individually !

Needle Quide

Needle guide for pearson sewing machine Made with Steel.