Clyde Belt Buckle

A great gift idea for any horse person -will take up to 1 1/2" wide belt -over all size 3 3/4" x 2 1/2" -choice of backround,red,blue or green

Halflinger Belt Buckles

A nice belt buckle with a team of halflingers in harness. -3 Different colour backgrounds. -Makes a nice gift. -Will take up to a 1 1/2" belt.

Belgian Team Belt Buckle

A nice belt buckle with a belgian team in a horse shoe. -3 Different colour backgrounds. -Makes a nice gift. -Will take up to a 1 1/2" belt.

Belgian Belt Buckle

A nice belt buckle with a Belgian with show halter. -3 Different colour backgrounds. -Makes a nice gift. -Will take up to a 1 1/2" belt.

Percheron Belt Buckle

A nice belt with a Percheron horse in a show halter. -3 Different colour backgrounds.(Red,blue or green.) -Makes a nice gift. -Will take up to a 1 1/2" belt.

It's Showtime

A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO SHOWING DRAFT HORSES. This book covers what judges look for,grooming your horse for the show ring,what to bring to the show,what to bring to the show,how to safely transport horses,shoing for the showring,showing at halterand in harness,tail tying,mane rolling,preparation at home.Includes sources for show supplies and other valuable references. -128 pages.140 b&w photos. -7 1/2" x 10".Hardcover. -By Robert Mischka.

Small Farmers Journal

A quarterly journal that covers the topics of natural farming and stock raising,horse drawn equipment etc. very interesting for the farm minded person

Work Horse Hand Book

By Lynn R Miller This book covers such topics as : choosing,housing,feeding,harnessing,hitching and working the draft horse.Wonderful photos and drawings help explain the text.A book that every draft horse owner should have.336 pages.8 1/2" x 11".Softcover.

Training Workhorses And Training Teamsters

By Lynn R Miller.This book tells the draft horse owner how to train his horses,giving alternate methods and stressing that working with horses should be a happy,worthwhile experience.341 pages.8 1/2" x 11".Softcover.

Draft Horse Images

By Robert Mischka. This is a picture book organized into twelve photo essays.There are stories about the 1992 National Belgain Show,the belgain Championship II Show,the Live Oak Show,and the Milwaukee Circus Parade.Other stories cover the Budweiser and the Reminisce Hitches,the Nevada City (California) Carriage Company,Old-Time Horse Logging,Horsepulling in the midwest,farming with horses and Work and Field Days. 160 pages 8 1/2" x 11".Softcover.

Training The buggy Horse And Training The Driver

By Owen Brumbaugh A good book on training the buggy horse and the driver.Has lots of illustrated drawings and some photos.48 pages.5 1/2" x 8 1/2".Paperback.

Horse Behavior Problems

By Owen Brumbaugh This books has 60 questions and answers on horse behavior problems. 48 pages.5 1/2" x 8 1/2".Paperback.

Breaking And Training The Driving Horse

By Doris Ganton A nice book about the training of a young colt and the education of a novice driver.Easy to follow and well illustrated.85 pages.8 1/2" x 11".Softcover.

Horses Teeth And Age

By Owen Brumbaugh A good book on how to tell your horses age by their teeth.It is well illustrated.11 pages. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2".Paperback.

Drive On

By Doris L Ganton A great book on training and showing the advanced driving horse.Has some photos and illustrsations.179 pages. 6" x 9".Paperback.

Horsedrawn Plows and Plowing Book

A very informational book on plows and plowing for draft horses. Covers everything from walking plows to gang plows.Also a chapter on laying out your fields.Lots of pictures and diagrams. •By Lynn R. Miller. •368 pages. •8 1/2" x 11". •Softcover.

Draft Horses Today

By Robert Mischka An overview of today's draft horse and mule scene. Chapters on how to find vehicles and equipment for draft horses and learning to use your horses .An excellent book for newcomers or a great gift book. 290 full color photos. 176 pages.8 1/2" x 11".Hardcover.

Cowboys Complete Saddle Making Book

-Illustrations in full color of photos,drawing patterns with some measurements of -Saddles -Chaps -Bridles -Saddle packs -Pack equipment -Hunting equipment -Halters -Hobbles -Breast collars -9 1/2" x 11" Softcover, over 350 pages By John Hopper

Haying With Horses

By Lynn Miller In this big book Miller offers in-dept information on mowers, rakes, hayloaders, buckrakes, stackers, tracks and trollies for barns, hay fork systems, balers, wagons,feed sleds, forecart adaptions and much more. It also covers how to build loose hay stacks and wagon loads as well as unloading and feeding systems. 366 pages. Hundreds of illustrations. 8 1/2" x 11". Softcover.

A Driving horse Photo Album

By Bob Mischka 168 pages with over 300 color photos. 9 x 11 inches. Every year Bob Mischka takes thousands of photograghs of some of the best driving horse turnouts in the world.We can only use a few in our calendar and so he has put the best of his shots from the 2004-2005 season in this book.It is simply the best collection of driving horse photographs available anywhere. Hardcover with 165 pages

The Horsedrawn Mower Book

A complete guide for the restoration & operation of McCormick #9 mowers.Also covers the #7 and John Deere Big Four mower. -Has lots of photos and diagrams. -352 pages 8 1/2" x 11" -Soft cover. -By lynn R Miller.

Making Harness Book

By Lewis G Martin and Daniel S Preston. A step by step guide on manufacturing harness. Covers driving,farming ,mule, horse, cob, pony sizes.A must for every harness maker.Lots of pictures and diagrams.Spiral bound.8 1/2" x 11" Softcover.

Shop Talk

This magazine is printed monthly and covers the latest information for anyone who is in the leather, harness, saddlery and shoe business.

The Draft Horse Journal

A magazine for the draft horse lovers.Published quarterly.Covers farming,shows,pulling and horse auctions etc.A beautiful magazine with lots of color.8" x 11".

Rural Heritage Magazine

A magazine that covers the topics of farming and logging with horses, mules and oxen.Is printed quarterly with a holiday issue.8 1/2" x 11".

Horses,Harness and Homesteads Book

Great information on how farming was done on the western provinces in the early 1900"s,this book is full with photos on agricultural operations with horse power etc. 240 pages soft cover by Merlin D Ford

The New Horse-Powered Farm

The first of it's kind focusing on small scale ,commercial farming with horses.Cover information for teamsters in getting started with horse,tools needed plus info on seeding,harvesting and managing. 346 pages soft cover By Steven Leslie

Draft Horses, An Owner Manual

The author discusses how to gauge your horse's health,special dietary needs,also covers hoof health,plus other topics. -8 1/2" x 11" -hundreds of black/white photos

Draft Horse Calender

Yearly high quality full color pictures of all the different draft horse breeds.Many of them in action. •Makes a great gift idea. •Done by Mischka Press. •19" x 12". •Buy 6 or more calendars and get a 10% discount. Mix and match. 

Appointment Calendar

A week at a glance engagement calendar highlighting America's rural yesterday features 55 vintage black and white photos of rural life in the 1920s and 30s. •Done by Mischka Press •A very unique gift idea. •9" x 6". •Buy 6 or more calendars and get a 10% discount. Mix and match.

Desk Calendar

This calendar stands on it's own easel on your desk, featuring one page per month, with a colour photo of draft horses on each page •Made by Mischka Press. •An excellent gift idea. •4-1/4" x 5-3/4" High. •Buy 6 or more calendars and get a 10% discount. Mix and match.

Mule Calender

High quality colored pictures of mules.A very beautiful calendar. •Is a 12 page calendar. •Made by Mischka Press. •19" x 12". •Buy 6 or more calendars and get a 10% discount. Mix and match.

American Amish Calender

America's Amish Country Calendar features pictures from Amish communities from Pennsylvania, Indiana, Delaware, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland and North Carolina. •Doyle Yoder Publications. •9" x 12" Opens to 12" x 18". •Buy 6 or more calendars and get a 10% discount. Mix and match.

Amish Country Calender

Amish Country Calendar features pictures from the Holmes County and surrounding area. •Doyle Yoder Publications. •9" x 12" Opens to 12" x 18". •Buy 6 or more calendars and get a 10% discount. Mix and match.

Driving Horse Calender

The Driving Horse Calender features action photos of Morgans, Arabians, Warmbloods, Friesians and other horses in harness in pleasure and competitive driving situations. •This is a beautiful calendar. •Made by Mischka Press. •19" x 12".

Percheron Horse Calender

An yearly full color calendars of Percheron\'s only. -Makes a great gift idea. -Done by the Percheron Horse Association. -18\" x 12\".(Opened) •Buy 6 or more calendars and get a 10% discount. Mix and match.

Donkey Calendar

A very beautiful 12 page calendar of donkeys. •Makes a great gift idea. •Done by Mischka Press. •19" x 12". •Buy 6 or more calendars and get a 10% discount. Mix and match.

Dutch Harness Stallion Calendar

Yearly calendar featuring Dutch Harness Stallions. A great gift item! •Has foaling/heat dates marked in. •Also Dutch Harness sale dates. •12" x 18" opened. •Buy 6 or more calendars and get a 10% discount. Mix and match.

Child's Wooden Horse Rocker

A beautiful sturdy wooden horse rocker. Will give your child years of enjoyment. -Comes finished or plain. -Has yarn mane & tail. -36" long & 26" high. -Is Canadian made.

Large Collar Clock

This is a black collar clock with gold lined numbers. -A crushed velvet face that is available in Black, Blue, Green or Red. -Overall size 14” x 20”. -Is also available with Westminster or Bim Bam movement.

Mirror Collar Clock

This collar clock has a mirror center with gold lined numbers. -Is available in Black or Brown. -Overall Size 14” x 20”. -Is also available with Westminster or Bim Bam movement.

Belgian Wall Clock

-11" Diameter -Easy to read.

Dappled Percheron

-Plastic Wall Clock with 11" Diameter -Easy To Read -Dappled Percheron Picture In Centre - A nice gift idea

Black Percheron Wall Clock

- 11" Diameter Easy To Read - With Black Percheron Team Picture in Centre. - A nice gift idea

Clydesdale Wall Clock

- 11" Diameter -Easy To read -With Clydesdale Picture In Centre - A nice gift idea

Large 2 Horse Clock

-16" Diameter -Easy to read - A nice gift idea

Clydesdale Clock

16" Diameter -Easy to read - A nice gift idea

Barnyard Collar Clock

A very unique clock! Has a feed stack face with horse shoe nails for the numbers!

Large Horse Collar Mirror

A beautiful collar with a mirror in the center. Black or Brown. Overall size 14” x 20”.

Mini Horse Collar Mirror

4\" x 6\" (outside size) A miniature copy of the collar mirror. Black or Brown.

Barnyard Collar Mirror

A beautiful collar with a mirror in the center. Black only. Overall size 14” x 20”.

Teamster Talk

Over a three-year period we follow Aden Freeman as he explains step-by-step instructions on training a young horse. Along with Aden Freeman, fellow teamsters, Al Barratt, Lyle Killeen, and Bill Hardy share in depth information on harnessing and collars, bits, checks, hitching and unhitching properly. This production is packed full of teamster tips gathered from the wealth of knowledge from these skilled teamsters. This is an excellent training video for the beginner or experienced teamster. •DVD 90 minutes.

Canada’s Little Iron Horse -Le Cheval Canadien

This little known heritage horse breed of Canada is a sturdy, all purpose horse descended from some of King Louis the XIV’s best horses, sent to the colony of New France (now Quebec) in the late 1600’s. They evolved into the “Canadian Horse”, a breed that is now genetically distinct from other breeds. The Canadian Horse survived hard conditions, sparse food, and severe weather to become the easy keeping, and exceptionally strong animals that they are today. These traits have earned the Canadian the nickname “The Little Iron Horse”. These Canadian Horses were the first to clear, plough, and cultivate Canadian soil. In 1895 the Canadian Horse Breeders Association was formed to try to preserve what remained of the “Little Iron Horse breed”. In 1913 The Canadian government set up a breeding program at Cap Rouge, Quebec. There were other breeding programs set up in Quebec at St. Joachim and La Gorgendiere that continued to breed Canadian horses until 1981. The breed is slowly gaining popularity and now, with the help of dedicated breeders, there are over 6000 registered Canadians. The Canadian Horse has played an invaluable part in the foundation of this country. On April 30, 2002, a bill was passed into law by the Canadian Government making the Canadian Horse an official symbol of Canada. In this production you will see the versatility of the Canadian Horse at work on the farm and being ridden under saddle. The film will provide in depth insight on how to train Canadian Horses to harness and saddle. Experienced horsemen and women share their wealth of knowledge of working with Le Cheval Canadiens. •DVD 85 minutes

Horse Progress Days 2010

Extensive coverage of the premiere draft farming event in the country. Held in Topeka, Indiana. This DVD features Rural Heritage contributor Sam Moore giving in-depth explanations of the featured farm equipment. Footage of plowing, tilling, cultivating. •DVD 98 minutes

A Horse Logging Lesson

We first meet up with Peter Churchill while plowing with one horse at the Annapolis Valley Plow Day. Peter invites us back to his farm to give us a horse-logging lesson with his Clydesdale mare. The logging that Peter is involved in is selective logging for a specific purpose not necessarily monetary purposes. Peter works for landowners and on his own property where the motivation is low impact on the forest. Peter talks about safety equipment required, and he demonstrates how to properly fell a red spruce tree. Peter shows us how to notch, make the back cut, cut the butt swell off, cut the tree with a chainsaw, how to use a wedge in the back cut to ensure the tree falls in the direction he wants it to go and how to limb the tree and load it on his custom made Go-Devil for transporting the log with his single horse. The Go-Devil can hold 8-foot firewood as well as haul logs. The Go-Devil has steel runners, measures 28 inches inside the stakes, the sides are beveled in a bit to clear stumps and it is narrower on the top than it is on the bottom so it will not catch while moving the load. Peter believes this tool works well for him, harvesting timber and firewood. The production is a great learning resource for a teamster wanting to learn how to efficiently log with a single horse in his or her own woodlot. •DVD 25 minutes.

Horse Farming In Northern New Brunswick

Craig Caldwell, his wife, Lori and their two children, Heather-Ann and James live in Belledune, Northern New Brunswick. They work approximately 35 acres on the home farm and manage over 150 acres on neighbouring farms. Besides their horses, they run a small herd of 20 beef cows. The Caldwells do own 2 tractors (one for grinding grain and one for loader work); however, they use their horses in all aspects of their operation. They use their Belgians from plowing to harrowing, spreading manure to seeding, mowing and raking to binding and logging. Heather-Ann loves to ride her Belgian mare, Belle. The Caldwell’s horses are very much a part of their family and a way of life. The field work is completed with two teams, with three abreast being the biggest hitch they currently use. Bernard Shannon, Caldwell’s neighbour and friend is the second teamster who assists Craig on the farm. With the two teams, Craig is pleased with the amount of ground they cover leaving the horses in good shape and not too tired for the next day. Despite the adversity of farming, using horses makes the work enjoyable and meaningful. Craig has farmed with lots of big equipment and fancy tractors, but nothing can come close to the subtle craft of the teamster. Craig explains in detail his mowers, tedders, binder, dump cart and how they gather firewood with the horses. The Caldwells feel this is truly a more sustainable way to farm. •DVD 80 minutes.

Walking Plow Teamsters

Walking Plow Teamsters with David Gamble and Lloyd VanDusen This video starts out at Gamble’s Farm in Lyndhurst, Ontario with David Gamble preparing his team for the International Plowing Match held September 2007 at Crosby, Ontario. David is interviewed with his friend and mentor, Lloyd VanDusen from Mallorytown, Ontario. Together David and Lloyd explain how to set the Massey 51 Walking Plow and the fine points of Competition Plowing. The video moves to the International Plowing Match in Crosby showing Lloyd and David plowing. Lloyd has been the Champion Plowman four times and David has had this title twice. This is a great learning experience for the beginner or experienced plow person. •DVD 60 minutes.

IPM 2007-Walking Plow Class

International Plowing Match 2007, Crosby, Ontario. Enjoy personal interviews with plowmen from the Walking Plow Classes Group 1 and Group 2. These teamsters work in unison with their horses as they plow their lands. You will see a father and son share their team of Belgians as well as a grandfather and grandson working together with their team of Percherons. The International Plowing Match is an annual reunion old friends and a time to make new friends. •DVD 60 minutes.

IPM 2007-Sulky Plow Class

International Plowing Match 2007 Sulky Class | Meet the teamsters of the Sulky Plow Class in personal interviews as they share their joy of working and plowing with horses. The main sulky plow used as a competition plow is the Massey Harris 21. Teamsters explain the parts of the plow and how to set it. Meet the Piches as they deliver the lunches to the teamsters with their paint team and covered wagon. You will enjoy listening to the teamsters reminisce of their life as they grew up with horses and why they like to compete. •DVD 60 minutes

Behind The Lines

Meet lifelong teamster Aden Freeman and his working partners as he shares his knowledge of Canadian Horse Farming. Aden has 67 years of experience farming with his horses through the different seasons. •DVD 45 Minutes.

It’s Time Again For Working Horses

Meet full time farmers, Jim and Nancy Kehoe. They feed round bales of hay to sheep using a custom made unroller for both a wagon/sleigh, hitched to a Suffolk Punch team. Lambing season arrives, and an Appaloosa horse is used to check the flock. This film has practical ideas for today’s livestock farmer wanting to use horses on their farm or ranch. •DVD 40 minutes.

Horse And Cart

In this video companion to her book {Essential Guide to Carriage Driving} clinician Robyn Cuffey of Buxton, Maine, offers helpful tips on selecting affordable and safe combinations of beginner's cart and lightweight breast-collar pleasure driving harness for a single horse, shows variations in harness styles, explains how to apply and adjust the various harness parts and how to hitch the horse to the cart's shafts, and demonstrates safe driving on the road. •DVD 68 minute

Harnessing Work Horses

Horse logger and farmer from Franklinville, New York, Brandt Ainsworth shares his knowledge of harnessing, collaring, bridling, and grooming a work horse. Using as models ten beautiful, and hardworking draft horses - Percheron, Belgian, Brabant, and Spotted Draft - Brandt demonstrates a variety of harness, including martingale (bellybacker) harness, sidestrap (sidebacker) harness, D-ring harness, Y-back harness, pulling harness, plow harness, and logging harness. He also discusses bits, bridles, collars, pads, lines, eveners, and neck yokes. From this video you will learn to select the style of harness and collar to best fit your needs, the kind of harness material that will work best for you, how to fit and fine tune your harness to keep your horses healthy and comfortable, and how groom a horse before harnessing. Shot at Donnie Middaugh's picturesque farm in Belfast, New York, this video makes a wonderful learning tool and reference for the novice or the seasoned horseman. •DVD 108 minutes

Driving Draft Horses

Brandt Ainsworth shares his tips and techniques for successful driving in this video shot in Belfast, New York, at the farm of Donnie Middaugh, Jr., another top teamster who helps Brandt demonstrate good driving. This video shows how to attach driving lines, correct ways to handle lines for both comfort and safety, how to drive with one hand or both, the use of voice commands in conjunction with the lines, driving a team or a single, ground driving, and how to properly handle lines while starting a load and backing a team. •DVD 72 minutes

Horse Pen stand

An unique wooden base pen stand with a 3 12" horse -come with a finished cedar or oak base 7" x 4" x 8" high - A great gift idea

Plastic Draft Horse

A great horse for display or play. 9" long x 7 1/2" high

Safari Clydesdale Horse

Here is a beautiful hand painted horse with realistic looks. -Great for play or for display.

Hitching Post

Cast iron horse head hitching post with 2" threaded pipe coupler -black only

Leather Billfold

Good quality stamped leather billfold with leather lace. -Change purse and credit card holder. -Other designs available! -We can stamp a name onto the #3040-HHN. -9 1/2" x 3 3/4".

Leather Trifold

A beautiful stamped leather trifold. -Horse head with oak leaves pattern. (Other patterns are available on request) -Leather laced. -Lots of room for credit cards. -9 3/4" x 4 7/8".

Horse Shoe Puzzles

Here is a brain teaser. Get your friends to remove the ring!! Is available in Polished Steel, Chrome Plated and Brass Plated.

Plastic Horse Stop Signs

A beautiful sign to hang on your barn door or at the hitching post. -Made from .110 Heavy Gauge Plastic -All signs come with 2 mounting holes. -18" x 18".

Plastic Horse Caution Signs

These signs are printed on heavy gauge plastic (.110 gauge) and are colorfast and are very durable to outside weather conditions. Measure 18” x 18” and have 2 mounting holes.

12"x12" Aluminum Xing Signs

These signs are made from aluminum and will never rust. All signs have 2 mounting holes. (Please note we can get many styles and wording of the following aluminum signs in. Please call to see if we can get what you want.)

12"X 18" Aluminum Signs

This sign is made from aluminum and will never rust. All signs have 2 mounting holes. (Please note we can get many styles and wording of the following aluminum signs in. Please call to see if we can get what you want.)

9"X12" Aluminum Signs

This sign is made from aluminum and will never rust. All signs have 2 mounting holes. (Please note we can get many styles and wording of the following aluminum signs in. Please call to see if we can get what you want.)

Caution Horses Sticker Set

-Reflective sticker set -Each sticker measures 5" High and 16" long

12" Horse Dial Thermometer

A beautiful thermometer for your barn wall or back yard.12� dial in Fahrenheit only.

12" Thermometor W/Cldyde Team

12" Thermometor with Clyde Team

12" Thermometor W/Belgian Team

12" Plastic Metric Thermometer With Belgian Team

12" Thermometor W/Bk.Percheron Team

-12" Diameter -White With Black Numbers

Weathervane 30" High

Rustproof and maintenance free, these weathervanes are constructed from cast aluminum. Can be mounted Vertical, Horizontal and Pitched. Is available in Horse, Horse and Buggy

Weather Vane 24" High

Rustproof and maintenance free, these weathervanes are constructed from cast aluminum. Can be mounted Vertical, Horizontal and Pitched. Is available in Horse, Horse and Buggy and Rooster.