Replacement Bell Parts  

Bell Strap Keeper

A leather keeper that is used on our 155 rump bell straps. -5/8 X 2"

Replacement Top clip

-Replacement top part on bells. -Brass Only. -for swiss or Canadian bell

Clapper And Wire

Replacement clapper and wire for the swiss cow and beaver bells.

Nut & Bolt For #166 Bell

-For mounting the #166 bells -Brass or chrome.

Yoke, Wire And Clapper Set

Yoke, wire and clapper set for the ice cream bells.

Rump Bell Strap Only

-Need new leather for your rump bells. -Includes everything you need to replace straps.

Economy Rump Bell Strap only

These leather straps are for the 156W rump bells.(Please note the bells are not included.)

Cow Bell Strap

Bell Strap for the #157 & #165 bells -1" x 12" long. -Come in leather,granite or nylon.

Back Band Bracket

A bracket to modify the #150 & #145 chimes for back bands.