Harness Maker Tools  

Tapered Loop Irons

-Eight sizes are included in the set 3/8”- 1 ¼”. -These irons are 10” long and have holes drilled for easy hanging. -Size is stamped on. -Can be brought separate or as a set. -1 ½”, 1 ¾”, 2” are also available.

Straight Loop Irons

Eight sizes are included in the set ½”-1 ½” -These loop irons are used for shaping sewn loops of harness parts. -Theses loops are 3/16” thick on the ½”, 5/8”, ¾”. -Size 7/8” and larger are ¼” thick. -Can be brought separate or as a set. -1 ¾”, 2” are also available.

Slot Punches Only

Slot Punches An easy way to slot your straps etc. Available in ½”, 5/8”, ¾” and 1”.

Foot Press Quide

Adjustable Back Stop A handy guide to set spots ect.

Foot Press Self Centering Table

Very handy to fasten onto machine. Handy finger guides that tighten anywhere on round rod, can be used when making holes for accurate spacing. A spring loaded self closing affair, automatically centers your strap from 3/8” -3” wide. Front bar can be removed to use #5014 strap end punch if you like

Foot Press Nylon Pad Holder

A simple holder to hold nylon cutting block in place. Can be used with hole, slot or end punches.

Hole Punch Tube Holder

#5010 Tube Holder Only

Riveting Assembley

#5016 5 /16” Rivet Head Size #5017 3/8” Rivet Head Size #5016-A Anvil Only #5018- A Rivet Cap Anvil Uses # 2032 and #2035 Rivet

Foot Press Tray Only

Handy tray to sort all your hardware to use on press

Slide Loop Stabler Assembey

Slide Loop Assembly Will take loops from ½” to 3”. Uses #124 stables.

Foot Press Punch Machine

This foot operated, compact, versatile machine does many different jobs for any harness, saddle or shoe shop. Tooling can be changed in minutes. Machine comes unassembled for easy shipping. Weight is opprox.100 lbs. Stands 55” high and is easily assembled. Comes with 8 pocket tray.

Box Loop Staple Assembley

Make your own loops for your blinds or large loops. Will do up to a 9 ½” loop. Uses #124 stables.

Strap End Punches

5014 Strap End Punch Makes a nice clean strap end . Available in 5/8”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼” and 1 ½”.

Spotter Assembley

Round Spot Setters ( 3 pc units per ST. )

Nylon Cutting Pad Replacement

Replacement nylon cutting blocks.

Hole Punches Only

#5009 Gang Punch Tubes. Available in 1/16”, 5/64”, 3/32”, 7/64”, 1/8”, 5/32”, 11/64” and 3/16”.

Snap Fastener Assembley

#5020 4 Pc Line 20 Snap Fastener Set #5021 4 Pc Line 24 Snap Fastener Set


This is needed on some tooling that has 3/8" stem instead of 5/16". Please ask when ordering what is needed.

Bench Mounted Hand Press

This machine mounts easily onto your work bench. Is hand operated and will take all the same tools as the #5000 machine.

Hand Sewing Needles

several sizes available

Awl Handle

A popular sewing awl shaft. Osborne brand. -Knobbed end prevents slipping. -Nicely varnished handle. -Wrench is included

Awl Blades Only

Awl Blades These blades are for the above awl. #502 2 ½” Blade #503 3 Blade

Speedy Stitcher

Speedy Stitcher Can be used to stitch any heavy material. A very handy tool to have around the house, farm or camp. -Comes with 1 straight and I curved needle. -And 1 refillable bobbin.

Speedy Stitcher Needles

Several styles available

Myers Sewing Awl

Sewing Awl Includes one spool of thread, wrench and instructions. -Needle and wrench are stored in the hollow handle. -Sews a lock stitch like a machine.

Myers Sewing Awl Needles

several sizes available

LED Sewing Machine Light W/Switch

-LED Sewing Machine Light With Switch Available in straight or "L" Shaped -Optional for 110 volt or battery and these lights are very bright and shine straight onto the material you are sewing.

Swing Arm Sewing Machine Lamp

This lamp is very nice for more lighting at the sewing machine or while doing repairs. -110V Black or White

Hole Punch Tubes

These are good quality, heat treated steel punch tubes are for the above punch. #6601-1 3/32” #6601-2 7/64” #6601-3 1/8” #6601-4 5/32” #6601-5 11/64” #6601-6 3/16”

Heavy Duty Leather Scissors

This Pair of scissors works Great for cutting Leather and other Materials.

Tubular Rivet Setter

Hand sets tubular rivets with ease. -Has a splash anvil with knurled handle. -Includes 50 assorted rivets.


A good quality scissors for light leather and tough materials. polished stainless steel.

Tack/Nail Puller

A great tool for pulling tacks.

Leather Groover

An economy leather groover. -Adjustable with a set screw. -Smooth wooden handle. -Has a replaceable tip.

Overstitch Wheel

Marks leather for stitching look. Osborne model. #506-5 5 Stitches per inch. #506-6 6 Stitches per inch. #506-7 7 Stitches per inch.

Dye Boxes

This is a handy tool for all your edge dying needs. -Has a sponge roller. -Edge dyes all straight and curved patterns. -Comes with a cover to keep dye from drying out

Rivet Setters

Sets copper rivets and burrs. -A heat treated precision-made tool. -Face edges slightly rounded to reduce prints on leather. #512-8 #8 Rivets #512-9 #9 Rivets #512-10 #10 Rivets #512-12 #12 Rivets

Mini Hole Punch Set

A mallet punch set with changeable punch tubes. Tube sizes range from 5/64”-3/16”.

Half Round Knife

Popular with all types of leatherwork. Osborne model. -Top quality forged steel blade. -Oval lacquered handle with brass ferrule. -Blade is 5” from point to point.

Hole Punch to Set Spots

Aluminum die cast tool. -Will adjust from ¼” -1”. -Has a 3” handle.

Pad Screw Pliers

-A Handy tool to insert pad screws -A Pair of Pliers with small pins welded on. -Made of Steel With rubber Coated Handle

Wool Dabers

Handy to dye etches

Economy Leather Punch

Revolving leather punch. -Nickel plated steel frame. -Size 1-6 heated treated tubes. -Tubes are not replaceable.

Draw Gauge

An aluminum draw gauge with a enameled handle. Cuts leather strips up to 4” wide.

Rein Rounder

A highly polished S.S. rein rounder. -Features nine holes from ¼”-3/4”. -A must for rounding reins, winkers and other leather goods. -Just fasten into vice.

Strap Safety Edger

This Bissonette safety edger can be pushed or pulled to bevel edges. Osborne model. #504-0 Size 0 5/64” #504-1 Size 1 3/32” #504-2 Size 2 7/64” #504-3 Size 3 9/64”

Hand Held Creaser

Single edge creasers. Place long side of tool against edge of leather as a guide and make impression with the short side. Round edges with edge tool before using creaser. Osborne model. #505-2 Size 2. #505-4 Size 4.

Hole Punches

Steel Osborne hole punch. Punchings clear themselves automatically through the side barrel. #508-316 Size 3/16” #508-14 Size ¼” #508-516 Size 5/16” #508-38 Size 3/8” #508-716 Size 7/16” #508-12 Size ½” #508-58 Size 5/8” #508-532 Size 5/32

Slot Punches

-We stock the Byler Bag or oblong punches. Taper clearance. Polished barrel, hardened and polished edge. - The Osborne brand is still available upon request.

Strap End Punch

•We stock the Byler strap end punch which is a high quality leather punch. •Hardened and polished edge. •English points are stocked and we can get half round on request. •The Osborne #150 strap end punch is also available upon request.

Osborne Leather Punch

Here is a highly polished steel punch. -Made from top quality steel. -Tubes, anvil and springs a replaceable.

Pro Leather Punch

A good quality punch at an economical price. -Made from top quality steel. -Size 1-6 Replaceable screw tubes.

Non Adjustable Groover

A non adjustable leather groover. -Harden tips make this a long lasting tool. -Works great for those curves and fancy grooving. -Mounted on a plastic handle.

Left Hand Adjustable Groover

A top quality leather groover with edge quide. -Harden tips make this a long lasting tool. -Adjusts from 1/16”-1”. -Available for right or left hand.

Right Hand Adjustable Groover

A top quality leather groover with edge quide. -Harden tips make this a long lasting tool. -Adjusts from 1/16”-1”. -Available for right or left hand.

Strop Board

Easily sharpens edgers so you can edge faster and with more precision. -Features narrow and wide leather strips on both sharpening and polishing sides to accommodate different edger size. -Wooden base measures 5 ¼” x 14” and features a plastic divider to keep sharpening and polishing strips separate. -You’ll need one of the following: beewax (adheres aluminum oxide to strip), aluminum oxide (sharpens the edger), and jeweler’s rouge (polishes the edger). #5111 Strop Board #5112 Aluminum Oxide 6 oz. #5113 Jeweler’s Rouge 6 oz. #5114 Beeswax 1 oz.

Flat Surface Mallet

A premium quality mallet that is well balanced. -Durable nylon heads stand up to heavy duty use. -Contoured leather handle that is vary comfortable for the hands. 16 oz. 2” Striking surface 24 oz. 2 ½” Striking surface 32 oz. 2 ½” Striking surface 48 oz. 3” Striking surface 64 oz. 3” Striking surface

Manuel Spot Setter

Sets one spot at a time with a hammer with this setter. Available in ¼”, 5/16”, 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”, ¾”, 7/8” and 1”.

Grommet Setters

For inserting sheet brass grommets with washers.

Magnetic Tool Bar

An easy solution for those tool strewn work benches. Fastens anywhere with only 2 screws.

Leather Skiver

This skiver is great for lap or level skiving. -Features a 6” precision ground blade. -Handle adjustment. -Adjustable stop can be set for repeated level skiving.

Pro Leather Skiver

Patterned after the old Osbourne 84 model. -Extra heavy duty 8” hardened and ground blade. -Twist handle setting for precise leveling or lap skiving. -Made to last a lifetime.

Leather Punch Plier W/Extra Tubes

This is our favorite hand punch. It is leveraged so not much power needed to make holes in biothane ect.

Heritage Hand Leather Punch

compound Action Revolving Leather Punnch -less power needed !

Holders Only For Thermal Handle

- 2 Holes For Screws Or Bolts Holdster Pcs Has Slot, so Cord Can Be Removed Without Unplugging.

Thermal Handle

A great tool for sealing holes, slots and ends in Biothane, Granite and nylon webbing. -Tip is changeable. -80 watt.

Replacement Tips Only

These tips are for the 5087w heating handle. #5087W-SH 3/16” Hole Tube #5087W-MH 7/32” Hole Tube #5087W-LH ¼” Hole Tube #5087W-T Solid Tip

5" Hot Knife Cutter

A thermostat controlled hot knife cutter 5” stainless steel knife for trouble free, long lasting use. Cuts nylon, rope, biothane, granite ect. Please Note: A suction fan to draw fumes outside is a must have whenever using hot equipment to machine biothane, granite or nylon!

Weaver Hot Hole/ Cut Off Machine

A thermostat controlled hot knife cutter, stainless steel knife for trouble free, long lasting use. Cuts nylon, rope, biothane, granite ect. Please Note: A suction fan to draw fumes outside is a must have whenever using hot equipment to machine biothane, granite or nylon!

Thread Burner

- Runs on AA Batteries (4 Pcs Included) -Ready For Thread Burning in 10 Seconds. - Allows for Accurate And Close. Trimming Of All Synthetic Threads. - Perfect For Low Volume Jobs.

Mighty Wonder 8 Ton Hand-Operated Clicker

•Designed and made by Weaver Leather, this machine features dual cam action and a 39" long handle for increased leverage and almost effortless clicking •Comes complete with its own stand for ergonomic clicking at just the right height •Knurled adjustment knob makes it easy to adjust machine for using 3/4" to 1-1/4" dies •With a 12" x 15" swivel-away clicker head and a 12" x 24" clicking surface, this machine accommodates larger pieces of leather and material •Heavy-duty machine is reinforced at stress points for years of dependable service •Minimal assembly — simply insert a couple of bolts and you’ll be set up and running in no time •Measuring 46" high without handle, this machine fits in just 24" x 32" of floor space •Can be moved by two people. No forklift necessary •Weighs approximately 370 lbs. including shipping crate •FOB Wallenstein, ON

Multifunction Foot Press

•Easy to Assemble and Operate, this Weaver Leather Exclusive Performs 16 functions •Automatic Feed Riveter attachment increases your productivity with a timesaving feed hopper that accommodates approximately 200 rivets. •Simply dump rivets in hopper and you’re ready to go without the need to insert rivets individually. •Easy installation of automatic feed riveter attachment by simply sliding on machine and tightening down thumb screw. •Designed and made by Weaver Leather with a solid steel, not casted, construction for added durability. •Foot pedal features three height adjustments for comfortable operation. •Many of the parts for the Heritage Foot Press will also work on this machine. •Our design team is working on more automated attachments to make this machine even more versatile. Look for them in the near future!

Leather Splitter

•Designed to easily split almost any weight of leather down to your desired thickness, this convenient hand crank splitter has an 8" hollow ground blade for precise, even splitting •An adjustment lever accommodates almost any leather thickness (3 oz.-14 oz.) •Roller bearings provide long life and dependability •Ready to mount on your workbench •Specially-designed by Weaver Leather to provide you with years of dependable service •Includes a blade positioning device and instruction sheet

Self Centering Punch

•Self-centering design ensures professional, accurate results every time •Accommodates up to 11" long dies •Accommodates straps from 1/2" to 3" wide •Hand-operated machine gives you the versatility to perform a wide range of punching projects simply by changing out your die •A large 3" cam gives you increased leverage •Designed and made by Weaver Leather for years of dependable performance •Punches slots, holes and points into any belt blank with one easy stroke •Measures 13" W x 12" D x 38" H (including the handle) •FOB Wallenstein, ON

Hand Operated Clicker

•Stop the tedious process of cutting patterns by hand with this hand-operated machine that's sure to save you lots of time •This machine will pay for itself in no time with just your time savings alone •Made by Weaver Leather, this machine gives you professional results for products you can sell at higher profit margins •Swivel-away clicker head allows you to see where you're setting the die and offers easy clicking •A large 3" cam and 29" long handle gives you added leverage for easier clicking •Knurled adjustment knob makes it easy to adjust machine for using 3/4" to 1-1/4" dies •An aluminum plate attached to the head allows you to use double-edged dies •Heavy-duty design is reinforced at stress points for years of dependable service •Machine is 15" W x 10" D x 43" H (with handle extended) •Clicker board measures 8-3/8" x 11-7/8" •Includes mounting hardware for attachment to your workbench

Little Wonder® Multi Purpose Hand Press

-Compact, patented design sets snaps, rivets, caps, crystals, spots and grommets quickly, easily and professionally -A must-have on your workbench, this machine will increase your precision and productivity -Unique cam action arm gives you added leverage so you can operate with just one hand, reducing stress and fatigue -Designed and manufactured by Weaver --Leather for dependability and performance -Hand-operated design allows you to rivet faster and with more precision than any other hand-operated machine on the market -Compact design is economically priced -Fully assembled and ready to be mounted on your workbench

Rotary Punch

•Designed for maximum performance and efficiency at a great price •Even with a wide selection of power equipment to choose from, we use this machine in our shop all the time because of its ease of set-up and use •Simple, trouble-free design allows you to punch self-centering holes or punch holes down the side of a strap with the addition of our optional offset guide •The only hand-operated machine of its kind on the market, it will boost your productivity •A clicker board anvil offers more effective punching •Dual feed design helps feed material through machine •Accommodates straps from 1/2" to 3" wide •Punches clean holes from 1/2" to 3-1/8" apart •Adjustable setting for hole spacing and leather thickness •Measures 16" W x 10"D x 16" H •Includes six tubes in sizes 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

Hand-Operated Strap Cutter

•Perfect for smaller cutting projects, this machine will save you time •Gives your straps, from belt blanks to strap goods, a uniform, professional appearance •Designed and manufactured by Weaver Leather for reliable performance •Its 8" design features a table and roll that adjust together •Handle can be mounted in two positions; one for higher torque, lower speed applications and one for lower torque, higher speed applications •Thoughtfully-designed for easy access and maintenance •Roller bearings provide trouble-free operation •Can be portable or mounted to a workbench •Ends remove easily for quick changes of blades and spacers •Has the ability to cut 1/8" laces with the use of the 1/16" spacers between the blades •Comes set-up for 1" straps with eight 1" spacers and eight blades •An economical alternative to cutting by hand

Nylon Hot Cutter

•Must be used with one of the following attachments (all sold separately): Blocks for Cutting, Hole Punching and Poly Rope End Sealer •An easy, effortless way to cut or punch webbing •Holder can be adjusted at any angle to align cutter blade, giving you miter capability •Electrical coupler on the variable heat control allows you to quickly and easily plug the cutting, hole punch and poly rope sealer attachments (all sold separately) in and out •Catch tray neatly catches slugs to keep your work area neat and tidy •Cuts and seals the webbing in one easy step •Easy-to-remove self-centering guide makes centering webbing a snap •Cutting surface is protected with Teflon® tape

Power Edge Slicker

•Get that professional hand rubbed look in a fraction of the time spent doing it by hand with this power slicker •Designed to be mounted to the edge of your workbench, this machine has a 45 degree angled arm for the rolls so they come out past your bench for easier use •Gives all sides of your leather straps a smooth finish •Convenient motorized design •Wooden roller is great for final touches and can be used dry •Sanding roller is designed specifically for sanding applications

Electric Bobbin Winder

Just what you have been waiting for,a fast and easy way to fill your pearson bobbins. CSA approved. 3 foot cord to plug in a 115 volt receptacle

Bobbin Spring W/Rivets

This is a replacement spring for the shuttle to hold bobbin back.Comes with rivets.

Top Needle Quide Plate

Top needle guide plate for pearson.

Edge Guide For Pearson Machine

It's here an edge guide so versatile yet so completely out of the way when turning work around or when not in use. Just flip it up or down as needed. Heavy duty.

Pearson Shuttle

Finally we now make and stock the shuttle that was so hard to find before. Tested and hardened to last. Has same smooth shape as the original.

Pearson Bobbin Winder

Hand cranking bobbin winder

Roller Cam

Long Stem roller Cam For Shuttle Arm (For Pearson Machines)

Short Roller Cam

Short Stem Roller Cam Follower For Needle Bar Arm

Bottom Thread Tension Plate

Bottom thread tension plate (For Pearson sewing machine)

Top Thread Tension Plate W/Screw

Top thread tension plate w/screw (For Pearson sewing machine)

Shuttle Cover Spring W/Screw

Shuttle cover spring w/screw (For Pearson sewing machine)

Bottom Thread Lock Plate

Bottom thread lock plate (For Pearson sewing machine)

Top Thread Lock Plate

Top thread lock plate (For Pearson sewing machine)

Pearson And Landis Sewing Machine Needles

Well they are back! Schmetz has made the 331LR needles again. We no longer have #250 & #280. These needles work in the The British United Shoe Machine or Pearson #6 and Landis 1. Come in packages of 10 but can be bought individually !

Needle Quide

Needle guide for pearson sewing machine Made with Steel.

Thread Snips

An economy thread nipper. 4 ¾” overall lengt

Sewing Machine Needles

#135 x 17 120,130,140,160,180,200

#138 Nylon Sewing Threads

#138 Bonded nylon thread.

#207 Nylon Sewing Thread

#207 Bonded nylon thread.

#277 Nylon Sewing Thread

-Size #277 Black, White , Henna & Chestnut

Sewing Machine Needles

#328N 160,180,200,230 #328LR 160,180,200,230

Pearson And Landis Sewing Machine Needles

Well they are back! Schmetz has made the 331LR needles again. We no longer have #250 & #280. These needles work in the The British United Shoe Machine or Pearson #6 and Landis 1. can be bought per needle or per package of 10 ,PRICED PER NEEDLE !

Tex 35 Thread

A strong thread used on lightweight machines,also on household machine.

#346 Nylon Sewing Thread

-Size #346 Black, White, Chestnut & Hena

#415 Nylon Sewing Thread

-Size #415 Black, White & Brown

Hand Sewing Needles

Great for doing those small repair jobs

#69 Nylon Sewing Thread

-Size #69 Many colors available !

Sewing Machine Needles

#794 160,180,200,230 #794LR 160,180,200,230 Please note: If needing a needle not listed, ask as we can source it for you!

#92 Nylon Sewing Thread

-Size #92 Black, White, Blue, Red, Green & Chestnut,Burgundy

Plastic Oiling Bottle

A long nozzle sewing machine oil bottle.

Pro Thread Nipper

A very high quality thread nipper for every day professionals. Stainless steel with a ball bearing. 4 ½” overall length.

Sewing Machine Oil

A great oil for your sewing machine.

Stitching Horse

Designed for all your stitching needs. -Keeps items securely in place with leather covered jaws. -Great for stitching saddles, harnesses and other leather products. -Durable oak frame with contoured pine seat. -Convenient foot pedal locks jaws.

Steel Organizers

Here is a great organizer unit for any shop. -Galvanized frame with the plastic parts bins.

Plastic Parts Bins Only

A handy bin to store your hardware or other items. Each bin comes with a divider. #5071 Small 4” L. x 3 ½” W. x 3” D. #5073 Medium 6” L. x 3 ½” W. x 3 D. #5075 Large 9” L. x 5” W. x 5” D.