5/8" Nylon Webbing  

5/8" Light wieght Nylon Webbing

(Used in halters,harness,pet supplies ect) BK-black, BL-blue, BR-brown, BU-burgundy, GR-green, RE-red HG-hunter green, NB-navy blue. NG-neon green, OR-orange PI-pink, PU-purple. TU-turquoise, WH-white, YE-yellow, GO-gold, GR-gray ( Add color code with each number.)

5/8" Heavy Wieght Nylon Webbing

(Used in halters, harness, pet supplies, ect) BK-black, BL-blue, BU-burgundy, GR-green, RE-red, SI-silver PU-purple. TU-turquoise, WH-white, SF-sunflower LV-lavender, PB-pastel blue, PG-pastel green, PK-pastel pink ( Add color code with each number.)