Driving Bits  

Jointed Rubber Mouth Driving Bit

Heavy rubber for softer bit.

Rubber Mouth Driving Bit

Solid stainless steel bar inside

Bent Check Bits

6" Polished S.S. With 1" Rings

Jointed Regulator Driving Bit

This bit is good for control on the keen driving horse

Rubber Bit Guards

These are commonly used on bits where the horses mouth corners are sore.

Straight Driving Bits

Draft style bits in different sizes.

Jointed Driving Bits

Draft stlye jointed bits.

Controller Bit

Twisted square steel mouth piece.

Stud or Show Bit

A ribbed mouth piece.

Buxton Driving Bit

A top of the line fancy show bit.

Beery 4 Way Driving Bit

A great bit for a green broke horse. Can be used 4 different ways. -4 1/2" Is a Snaffle Nickel Plated. -5 1/4" Is a French Link Center Polished Stainless Steel.

Snaffle Check Bit

Snaffle Check bit, Stainless steel

Butterfly Bits With Cooper Inlay

Try this bit if you have a hard to handle horse.

Happy Mouth Bit

A common bit for that unhappy horse.

5" Curb Bit NP

Standard Riding Bit 5"

Puller Spring Bit

Our Puller Spring Bit with rubber covered 5" mouth is made of stainless steel. Designed with hinged spring rings for horses that pull.