Urethane Sheeting

Urethane Sheeting

This is similar to #1158 but easier to cut and softer, not as durable but makes great patterns for harness ect.
-Most colours Come In 30" X 46"

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Product Description Price Unit Quantity
1166-332 3/32" Bio Sheet 36" Wide $23.50 FT
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1166-120 .120 Urethane Sheeting (12"Wide) $12.13 SF
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1166-160 .160 Urethane Sheeting (16" Wide) $16.50 SF
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1166-14G Green 1/4" Urethane Sheet 10.2SF $16.60 SF
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1166-14P Pink 1/4" Urethane Sheet 10.2SF $17.17 SF
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1166-18BR Brown 1/8" Urethane Sheeting 10.2SF $14.50 SF
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1166-18GR Green 1/8"Urethane Sheeting 10.2SF $14.50 SF
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1166-18R Red 3/32" Urethane Sheet 10.25sf $0.00 SF
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1166-316BL Blue 3/16" Urethane Sheeting 10.2SF $19.00 SF
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1166-316BR D.Brown 3/16"Urethane Sheet 10.2SF $19.00 SF
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1166-316G Green 3 1/6" Urethane Sheet 10.2SF $19.00 SF
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1166-316P Pink 3 1/6" Urethane Sheet 10.2SF $19.00 SF
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1166-316R Red 3/16" Urethane Sheeting $19.00 SF
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1166-316T Teal 3/16"Urethane Sheet 10.2SF $19.00 SF
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1166-18BK 1/8" Bio Sheeting 48" wide $26.50 FT
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Periodically we have good used harnesses, collars and pads for sale. If interested give us a call to see what we have at that time, or check us out on our website (Used & Clearouts). We also buy or trade-in used harnesses depending on the kind and condition. Another option we have is to sell your used harness on a consignment basis where we charge only a small fee for handling.


Now and then we make halters, shanks, harness parts, etc. from clearout materials at very low prices. So, when you write or call, ask about our specials, clearouts or seconds.


We have chrome plating done on a regular basis. Send or bring your parts in for a quote to chrome plate. Brass plating is also available. (Allow 2 to 4 weeks.)


Harnesses may be brought or shipped in for repairs, cleaning or oiling. Cost estimates available at that time if required.